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Pierrot & Pirouette

starring Mark Stolzenberg and Jennifer Carlson

A Humorous Fairytale about a Clown and a Ballerina. Can play in large and small theaters in a 90 minute full Concert or a 30 to 60 minute Family Show

Pierrot & Pirouette is a full length Dance-Theater piece about the touching relationship between a frustrated ballerina and a successful but lonely clown. It utilizes precisely executed techniques from Ballet, Jazz Dance, Modern Dance, Mime, Clowning and Acting and is gracefully performed by two masterful artists who have combined their genius to create a truly charming and engaging work of dramatic, humorous movement and dance.

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NY Times Review of Pierrot and Pirrouette Pierrot & Pirouette has run Off Broadway at the the Ballroom in New York City and at Lincoln Center. The New York Times called it "full of endearments...clowning that continuously entertains."

The story is captivating and fun. It appeals to all ages and teaches us that the gift of laughter can help us heal ourselves and reach out to other people.

"...clever, whimsical, poignant...charming...will continue to delight audiences for many years to come."
The Smithsonian Institution

"...a remarkable piece of artistry...The show demonstrates a cohesive eclecticism centered around a beautiful love story."
University of Pittsburgh

"This was theater at its sheer aesthetic pleasure. Thank you." PlayTime Productions, Inc.

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